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bottle salt + pepper grinders set/2 ash/carbon

$159 NZD

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designed by Norm Architects for Menu Copenhagen. 

This is a high performance grinder, that looks stunning as well!  Salt is the light grey (ash) colour, and pepper is the dark grey (carbon).  Pepper or salt goes into the bottom of the bottle, and to season you just hold the neck of the bottle downwards, and twist gently backwards and forwards.  There are 4 settings that you can just dial up - very fine to very coarse - the choice is yours, depending on the dish or what your preference is.

20cm high

Care:  No dishwasher.  Avoid strong direct sunlight as this may prematurely age the velvety finish. To clean just wipe with a soft cloth, or remove any stains with damp cloth with mild dish soap.




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